Window Cleaner in Richmond BC 

We are primarily a Window cleaning company with extensive experience in homes and Buildings of all shapes and sizes. A modern contemporary dream-house, old farmhouse, or large custom estate… it’s all just another day on the job for us. During our busy seasons (Spring, Summer, and Fall), we service 6 to 8 homes per day! Individual homeowners and entire neighborhoods, right here in the Richmond BC.

Need your windows cleaned in Richmond BC ?

The traditional squeegee is used in a unique, non-traditional fashion which ensures your windows are left spotless and streak free. In addition, we are committed to using biodegradable and pet friendly products. All work is completed by the owner or upper management with help from polite, uniformed employees who are always careful, considerate and completely aware of the job's requirements.

We are completely aware of the need for professional corporate conduct at offices, professional buildings, and commercial institutions. While inside any office we exercise great caution around carpets, desks, and office equipment and never, ever bring splashing buckets or unnecessary tools inside. I personally will be on site during the entirety of our service visit. My employees and I are all in uniform and we take window cleaning very seriously.(778)319-3642

The cleanliness of your windows says a great deal about your establishment. Plus, a clean place of business is the most inviting and more appealing to enter for both clients and employees. The service a professional window cleaner provides should be an important part of every company’s maintenance program. 

We bring everything we need, including water. This minimizes disruption and allows you and your employees to concentrate on your business. Don’t do windows yourself, don’t risk sending your employees up a ladder, and don’t hire a company that just sends out anybody. Use the specialists: Richmond BC.

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