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If you’ve begun to notice dented, tented, or missing shingles on your roof, brown stains on your ceiling, or your ceiling has even begun to sag in places, you need to seriously consider undergoing a roof inspection.

Our roof repair experts in  Richmond BC have the knowledge and skill to perform repairs on most any type of roof system. From wind damage, ice damage, flashing failure, we have the solution.

We repair all types of roofs in Richmond BC

Our staff is on call for emergency roof repairs, we really do care about stopping water intrusion into your building / home, or getting your roof back to a viable state until we can install your new roof. 


Few things are more frustrating in regards to your home, or business  than a leaking roof. Intruding water damages insulation, drywall, paint, carpet, personal items, etc. The age and condition of your roof is the deciding factor on whether your roof can be repaired, or should be replaced. Depending on the type of roof system, temporary repairs are sometimes possible even on roofs that need to be replaced.

A professional contractor will be able to isolate any issues with your roof and locate any problems that are in need of an immediate solution when providing a Roof Leak Detection service.

Locating a leak is something that needs to be done swiftly before it can cause even more serious damage, and that is exactly why you want to make certain that you turn to the experienced team at  GVRD Building Maintenance Roofing repair.

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